Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

We are St Aloysius

St Aloysius – a place to strive, believe and achieve

We are St Aloysius


Why choose St Aloysius?

St Aloysius Catholic College is an exciting co-educational Catholic college of faith and learning in the Kingborough Municipality, south of Hobart. 

In keeping with our Mission and our Motto, Strive Believe Achieve, we aim to develop each child’s potential: spiritually, intellectually, culturally, physically and emotionally. We believe that the education of a child is a shared responsibility between parents, teachers and the child.

We promote and encourage students to positively engage with each other, staff, and the wider community, as well as with their faith journey, by providing opportunities for growth in service leadership and nurturing within an environment of care and concern for all.

St Aloysius Catholic College Junior Campus specifically caters for students from Kindergarten to Year Four, in a nuturing learning environment appropriate for students in their first years of schooling. At the Junior Campus we provide a gradual, age appropriate development curriculum, in order to ensure a seamless transition to the Middle Campus. At the Junior Campus, students engage in a comprehensive curriculum, that takes into account children's academic, social, physical and spiritual needs.

To assist students as they move into secondary education, St Aloysius Catholic College has implemented Middle Schooling principles for students from Year 5 to 8. A Middle School curriculum is delivered in a manner that engages today's students, including the integration of modern technology in learning. However, the literacy and numeracy needs of Year 5 to 8 students are still central and are explicitly taught. Middle Schooling at St Aloysius is about balancing age appropriate teaching and learning with opportunities for students to grow in their independence and maturity as learners.

A major focus for Years 9 and 12, is to prepare students for their further education and careers. Students are also supported to become independent, lifelong learners as they reach the end of their education at St Aloysius.

The College offers a number of elective subjects that aim to support all students, depending on their areas of interest or career pathways.

The extension of St Aloysius Catholic College into Years 11 and 12 provides an exciting opportunity for our College community; to continue the education of our current students, and to welcome new students and their families into the College.

We are proud to offer our families and students the option to stay locally within a quality teaching program for their entire school journey.