Welcome to St Aloysius Catholic College


College Houses

The College has five houses that students belong to and when participating in school carnivals or events they can earn points for their house. Siblings are placed into the same house. The five houses are: Aikenhead, Gonzaga, Charity, Fides and Galilee.

Aikenhead – Green
This house is named after Mary Aikenhead, the founder of the Sisters of Charity. The Sisters of Charity founded St Aloysius Catholic College in 1960.
Aikenhead values are Determination, Leadership and Resilience.
Colour: Green
Logo: 4 leaf clover
Guardian: Deer
Gonzaga – Yellow
This house is named after St Aloysius Gonzaga, whom our College is named after.
Gonzanga values are Humility, Integrity and Loyalty to God.
Colour: Yellow
Logo: Lily
Guardian: Wolf

Charity – Red
This house is named after the Sisters of Charity, the religious order who founded the College.
Charity values are Community, Courage and Service.
Colour: Red
Logo: Heart and hands
Guardian: Lion
Fides – Blue
Fides is Latin for faith. Fides was the original motto of the College.
Fides values are Faith, Strength and Trust.
Colour: Blue
Logo: Fire and cross
Guardian: Eagle
Galilee - White
Galilee is a place of great significance to Christians due to its connections to the person of Jesus.
Galilee values are Generosity, Justice and Stewardship.
Colour: White/silver
Logo: Sunrise and water
Guardian: Shark