Apple Ipads and Laptops are used in the College from Kindergarten through to Grade Four. These are provided by the College. They are shared throughout each year level, with Grade Threes making the most use of laptops in readiness for Grade Four. From Grade Four students are required to Bring Their Own Laptop (see BYOL information below).

BYOL 2022

St Aloysius Middle and Senior Campus has a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) strategy. This document provides information regarding appropriate purchases.

Bring Your Own Laptop

The College supports both Windows and Mac laptops. A common misconception among parents in the past has been that students require a Mac laptop however this is not the case. Chromebooks and tablets (including iPads) are not supported, as the operating systems are quite limited.

Please refer to the College handbook - Here Technology at the College, for further information regarding specifications for purchasing a laptop.