Car Parking

Parking at Kingston Campus

Kingston Car Parking Options

Options for parking include:

  • The Parish car park
  • The ‘top’ car park, located off Donohoe Gardens (via Jindabyne Rd)
  • Roslyn Avenue, please use the school crossing
  • Jindabyne Road
  • Carita Road
  • Kunama Drive
  • Aldinga Street

Refer to the map for these car parking suggestions.

We have a staff member on duty in the morning and afternoon in the Parish car park. The staff member will be present to ensure that the car park is used safely and to welcome students each day.

Please do not use:

  • The Parish car park as a ‘drop-off zone’
  • The bus area along Roslyn Avenue
  • The driveway in front of the office at Kingston (Roslyn Avenue) is not to be used as a thoroughfare by parents for dropping off, picking up or parking. We are very aware of the need to keep the children in our care safe and for this reason the area is designated for staff parking and a student crossing. There is a bollard blocking off access to this area.

Designated disabled car parks are located next to the office at the Kingston campus. These can be accessed via the main driveway, however if the bollard is in use, please use the alternate driveway off Roslyn Ave closest to the road crossing. These spaces are only for use by those families displaying a Disabled Parking permit collecting students with a disability.

Parking at Huntingfield Campus

Huntingfield Car Parking

Options for parking include:

  • The main car park. Upon pick up in the afternoon your child will need to wait in the designated area at the top of the stairs until they see you park your car, at which point they will be permitted to walk to the car. A teacher is on duty in this area.
  • Nautilus Grove (on the side of the road in front of the College).
  • Guardian Court (at the end of the cul de sac)
  • Huntingfield Avenue

Please do not use:

  • The lane directly in front of the car park, this is a designated bus lane

Disabled car parks are located next to the office at the Huntingfield campus in the main carpark. Due to the limited number of disabled car parks available, where possible, these are only for families collecting students with a disability. If you have a disability but the children you pick up are able, please use one of the alternative parking options and have them walk to you.

* Please note the boom gate accessing the gym car park is locked at 4pm daily.