Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

We are St Aloysius

St Aloysius – a place to strive, believe and achieve

We are St Aloysius


Pastoral Care

Junior Campus Pastoral Care

At the Junior Campus, we believe that it is important that all students have the right to feel safe and valued as a member of the College community. The Campus has adopted a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), which is a whole-school approach to creating a safe and supportive environment that has a strong evidence-base and is used in many schools throughout Australia. 

Our approach focuses on everyone and all settings within the campus and promotes a positive focus on academic and behavioural outcomes across the College. It clearly defines our core expected behaviours (4 Bs), which are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be a Learner, Be Fair.

Expected behaviours are acknowledged and rewarded at both an individual (Betta Bee Cards, see POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR SUPPORT SYSTEMS for further Betta Bee information) and class level (Campus Dojo points). Class groups can earn “Dojo Monsters” for positive behaviour in line-ups, specialist lessons, relief days, church visits and moving respectfully around the campus. These culminate in a special offsite excursion or event for the top three classes at the end of each term.

Positive Behaviour Systems

At St Aloysius Catholic College Junior Campus we actively teach and reinforce desired behaviour. We have four main expectations of behaviour:

  • BE Safe

  • BE Respectful

  • BE a Learner

  • BE Fair

The 4 Bs are consistently reinforced throughout the Campus and we have a very special mascot – Betta Bee who assists with reinforcing these expectations. During the first weeks of school, each class will be working with their teachers to develop an understanding of what the 4 Bs look like in different ways in our College. Six years ago we introduced Betta Bee cards as part of our positive behaviour support program. This has been a very successful initiative. Class teachers and specialist staff will be handing out Betta Bee cards to students exhibiting desired 4 Bs behaviour. The table below clearly explains to staff, students and parents the current reward system at the Junior Campus. Students carry their Betta Bee tallies from one year to the next.

What happens if I make a good choice?



Five Cards


Ten Cards (Fifteen Total)


Fifteen Cards (Thirty Total)

Bronze Badge

Five Cards (Thirty-Five Total)


Ten Cards (Forty-Five Total)


Fifteen Cards (Sixty Total)

Silver Badge

Five Cards (Sixty-Five Total)


Ten Cards (Seventy-Five Total)


Fifteen Cards (Ninety Total)

Gold Badge

Fifty Cards (One Hundred and Forty Total)

The Betta Bee Wall of Fame

- The Honeycomb

Fifty Cards (One Hundred and Ninety Total)

The Beta Bee Menu Of Champions

First Course

Fifty Cards (Two Hundred and Forty Total)

The Betta Bee Menu Of Champions

Second Course

Fifty Cards (Two Hundred and Ninety Total)

The Betta Bee Menu Of Champions

Third Course

Middle and Senior Campus Pastoral Care

Director Pastoral Care


At the Middle Campus, we believe that it is important that all students have the right to feel safe and valued as a member of the College community. The campus has implemented both a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program that aims to create a safe, respectful and fair environment in which the best learning can take place.

The Middle Campus Pastoral Care model operates under a tiered approach that aims to see all students live the College motto of Strive, Believe and Achieve. Our tier one is a comprehensive and evolving list of proactive events that aim to involve, empower and enrich student development. Some of the events include Bugs and Bees, Learning Centre gatherings, student led assemblies, Mental Health Week, communal Facebook postings, student leadership and regular social and emotional content in the College Newsletter.






In the Classroom

· Sharing

· Walking

· Personal space

· Focus on your learning

· Listen

· Ask great questions

· Use your initiative

· Share equipment

· Let other people talk

· Don’t distract others

· Include others

· Listen to others

· Put your hand up instead of calling out

· Use positive language

On the Oval

· Hands off

· Personal space

· Play with your age group

· Listen to others and learn from them

· Learn new sports

· Let others have a turn

· Show integrity and fair spirit

· Make teams even

· Include other people

· Be polite

· Encourage

· Put your rubbish in the bin

In Sacred Spaces

· Walk when inside

· Reflect

· Try to understand

· Listen

· Let others pray

· Be patient

· Be quiet

· Enter quietly

· Be positive

Around the Toilets

· Clean up after yourself

· Aim properly

· Wash your hands properly

· Be patient

· Don’t push in line

· Leave the cubical the way you found it

· Respect the space

· Only use what you need

· Use the facilities properly

Around the Playground

· Beware of others

· Hands to yourself

· Work as a team

· Try new things

· Follow the rules

· Include others

· Share equipment

· Use equipment appropriately

· Include everyone

Using ICT Hardware

· Keep water and food away from the hardware

· Be careful around hardware

· Learn how the hardware operates

· Use your time well

· Look after the hardware

· Put laptops on charge when finished

· Share

· Treat with care

· Put on charge when you’re done

Using ICT Software

· Lookup only what you need

· Use appropriate websites

· Use to the best of your ability to learn

· Use responsibly

· Use educational sites only

· Leave others to work alone

· Only use the internet for what you’re meant to

· Keep on task

· Leave others to work alone

In Hallways, Corridors, Studio

· Keep your hands to yourself

· Walk

· Learn the appropriate behaviours

· Read the BEattitude posters

· Be polite

· Share the space

· Let others through

· Let other classes work

· Be polite

· Be aware of others

When we meet together

· Keep your hands to yourself

· Use equipment properly

· Contribute to ideas

· Wait for your turn to talk

· Listen to whoever is talking

· Sit and stand quietly

· Applaud everyone

On the Buses

· Stay in your seats

· Walk to your bus

· Stay behind the yellow lines when waiting for the bus

· Listen to the bus driver

· Pay attention to what is around you

· Obey bus rules

· Let other people sit next to you

· Don’t push when getting on

· Listen to the driver

· Be friendly with everyone

Canteen, Café

· Pass food properly

· Clean up afterwards

·Understand how much change you should receive and spend wisely

· Learn what is healthy

· Be patient in line

· Clean up after yourself

· Wait in line politely

· Share the seats

· Use manners

Moving around the College

· Keep your hands to yourself

· Stay on the path

· Stay within the boundaries

· Get involved in new things

· Be polite to everyone.

· Let others go first.

· Put any rubbish you may have in the bin

College Counsellor

St Aloysius is committed to the pastoral care and wellbeing of all students. Our College Counsellors form an important part of the College’s Pastoral Care Team. 

Our Counsellors have extensive experience working with young people and are passionate about supporting and encouraging young people to reach their full potential.

Support to students is typically provided through:

  • individual or group counselling 
  • skills-based group programs
  • consultancy and advice to teachers and parents on a broad range of issues relating to young people
  • onward referral to external agencies in cases where further, more comprehensive, support is required 

Our Counsellors work across all 3 campuses of St Aloysius.