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Welcome to St Aloysius Catholic College, an exciting co-educational Catholic college of faith and learning in the Kingborough Municipality, south of Hobart. We are One College on Two Campuses. Our Kindergarten to Grade 4 Campus is at 123 Roslyn Avenue, Kingston Beach, while our Grade 5 to 10 Huntingfield Campus is located at 12 Nautilus Grove, Huntingfield.

In keeping with our Mission and our Motto, Strive Believe Achieve, we aim to develop each child’s potential: spiritually, intellectually, culturally, physically and emotionally. We believe that the education of a child is a shared responsibility between parents, teachers and the child.

It is our aim for all who belong to our College community to work together in a climate of respect, support and understanding to provide an environment of security and growth in which all students may fully develop their potential. Each student will be provided with opportunities to discover their God-given talents and encouraged to use them for the good of themselves and others.

St Aloysius Catholic College in conjunction with Catholic Education Tasmania is pleased to announce a very important initiative aimed at assisting our families with the costs in selecting Catholic Education for their children. Those who hold a valid current Health Care Card can now receive a specified level of fee assistance without the need to make an assistance application to the College. 
This approach in offering direct fee assistance is in line with both the Archbishop's Charter for our College and aligns firmly with the intention of our founding order, the Sisters of Charity, to come forward and offer the hand of comfort and assistance. It is fitting that this initiative has been introduced in our 60th year of the founding of St Aloysius School.
To obtain more information on the fee assistance that is available, please make contact with our Acting Business Manager, Mrs Mary Macrae 6229 0100 or [email protected]tas.edu.au

Latest News

Three day lockdwon

Friday 15 October

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

The State Government has called a 3 day lockdown starting at 6.00pm tonight.

Arrangements for Monday Kinder-Year 10

Under the direction of Catholic Education Tasmania, on Monday 18th October, there will be no classes at school, and no arrangements for learning from home

  • The College will be open for students on Monday who are either the children of essential workers or those cannot not be supported at home. These students are able to wear sports uniforms. Our aim is to support the safety of our students and staff during this period.  There will be a skeleton staff who will supervise from 8.20 am until 3.00 pm. Please note this will be supervision only, and where possible, we encourage you to keep your child at home. For duty of care purposes, and to ensure adequate supervision, if your child cannot be adequately supervised at home, please complete the following form: STUDENTS ATTENDING SACC ON MONDAY 18th OCTOBER
  • All public transport will continue to run as normal, including those that service schools.
  • Students who are 12 years and over from the Middle Campus who are at school during lockdown will need to wear a face mask unless they have a medical exemption or when consuming food and drink. Spare masks will be available at school.
  • The Canteen will be closed during lockdown.
  • Please be aware that Public Health requires that parents or carers do not enter our schools during a lockdown.  To assist parents and carers, we encourage parents to stop, drop and go for pick ups and drop offs.

Learning from Home

Under the direction of Catholic Education Tasmania we will not be providing formal education to students, including those present at school, from the 1st school day to the 3rd school day of any lockdown. So If the lockdown is extended, we will be ready for Learning from Home from Monday 25th October. If this happens, Susan McGann in the Junior Campus and Brad Canning in the Senior Campus will email you details as soon as possible. If this occurs, the College will be open to students who are either the children of essential workers or those whose learning could not be supported at home.


The following events are cancelled next week:

  • Grade 3 and 4 Eisteddfod Performance- Monday 18th October

  • Middle Campus Sports Photos- Monday 18th October

  • Grade 5 Excursion- Monday 18th October

  • Board Meeting- Monday 18th October

  • Any planned incursion and excursion- Monday 18th October

  • Grandparents Day- Tuesday 19th October

All details of the lockdown can be found at https://www.coronavirus.tas.gov.au. We will endeavour to communicate any changes as they emerge, particularly if there is an extension of the lockdown beyond Monday.

We know from our experience last year that we can manage this situation successfully. We thank all families for their continued support.

Kind regards,

Eamonn Pollard



Friday 24 September

Update of Terms and Conditions - Student Enrolment

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible educational experience, we have continued to monitor and revise the Terms and Conditions which apply in all Catholic Education Commission Tasmania schools. We will therefore be introducing a small number of updates to the Terms and Conditions, which will apply to all current enrolments continued in 2021 as well as to new enrolments from 2022.

Please click on the link below to view the details

September 9 Newsletter

Thursday 9 September

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