Welcome to St Aloysius Catholic College


Year 11 and 12 and our NEW CAMPUS

The extension of St Aloysius Catholic College into Years 11 and 12 provides an exciting opportunity for our College community; to continue the education of our current students, and to welcome new students and their families into the College.

Watch the video below for an update on our NEW CAMPUS - the project includes converting most of the car park to recreational areas including a new oval, basketball courts, and open parkland spaces. Internally, Fairbrother have been working hard to create classrooms and office spaces that will provide an incredible learning environment for years to come.

We are proud to offer our families and students the option to stay locally within a quality teaching program, extending through Years 11 and 12. It is the quality and senior secondary experience of our teaching staff that will ensure the success of our students in 2023, and beyond.

The Course Selection Handbook for Years 11 and 12, 2024 is available below. 

We combine the care of a close knit community, with the extensive range of opportunities of a large college; supported also by an even larger co-operative of Catholic colleges. These include broad academic, vocational, sporting, spiritual, artistic and outreach opportunities; all of which contribute to shaping well-rounded young adults.

As a College known for our strong Catholic values and identity, our mission is to empower students to become positive contributors to our local community, and further afield. Our in-depth knowledge of our current students, and our holistic approach to supporting our young people, ensures that we support every student’s academic, personal, pastoral and spiritual needs. 

For more information about enrolling in Year 11 with St Aloysius for 2024 and beyond, please contact sacc.enrol@catholic.tas.edu.au


Introducing some of our Senior Secondary teachers


Marcelle Ottaway is proud to be one of the founding staff members of the Middle Campus and is very excited to be involved in the extension of the College into Year 11 and 12.  Since completing her Bachelor of Human Movement in 1998, Marcelle has taught HPE at Mt Carmel, MacKillop and St Aloysius. She also enjoyed 18 months teaching in Melbourne and Scotland, which really helped develop her behaviour management skills. 

Marcelle is most proud of introducing the Duke of Edinburgh Award into St Aloysius and has enjoyed watching it expand each year. 

In the past Marcelle has been Head of HPE and Sport Coordinator, but in recent years has side stepped into the Career Development space.  She is currently in the final term of completing her Graduate Certificate in Career Development through James Cook University and is very eager to hand in the last assignment. Marcelle has also taken on the role of TASC Liaison Officer (TLO) for the College and is proud to have worked alongside her dedicated colleagues to prepare for the 11 and 12 subjects and registration.


Thomas Elkhair is a fifth-year teacher who specialises in Mathematics and Science. Prior to teaching he trained at UTAS and then worked for six years in a range of settings as a Community Pharmacist. This experience helped him to develop his organisation, communication and problem-solving skills, through managing staff, collaborating with other health professionals and coordinating the daily workflow of the pharmacy.

Thomas then trained as an educator through Murdoch University in Perth before graduating in 2017. He went on to work at Taroona High and Southern Christian College before joining us here at St Aloysius Catholic College.

Thomas is passionate about supporting students holistically to achieve their goals. He has taught a range of Year levels from 7-12 in both Mathematics and Science and more recently has moved into the pastoral space as Head of Fides House. Outside of school Thomas has interests in sports and music and is married with three young kids.


Jessica has been an Art Teacher at St Aloysius for 4 years. Before starting this post she was teaching across years 7-12 at St Mary's College and had experience teaching a Photography unit at the University of Tasmania. These experiences grew her love of teaching and learning at the senior level.

Jessica has a background in Photography having studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Art and Design at the University of Tasmania.

More recently she has developed a greater interest in the mediums of printmaking and ceramics, which has expanded her skill set and helped her to bring a deeper level of knowledge to her teaching practice. 


Olivia is new to St Aloysius Catholic College this year and is the current Faculty Leader for Religious Education. Prior to this, Olivia was the Head of English at both St Virgil’s College and Sacred Heart College. 

A career highlight for Olivia has been taking students to Timor-Leste for immersion programs, which has resulted in her bringing a social justice focus to her classroom teaching.

In addition to her Masters of Teaching, Olivia has an Honours degree in English and a Graduate Certificate in Religious Education.

When outside of the classroom, Olivia enjoys bushwalking, reading, walking her Golden Retriever Annie and now with a renewed passport, travelling!


Simon was educated in the United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoology. He spent five years teaching in the UK before moving to Tasmania in 2005. On arrival he taught at Mackillop Catholic College and Mount Carmel, before starting work at St Virgil’s College teaching Science.

While at St Virgil’s College, Simon had several roles including being Head of House and Head of Science. Simon joined the St Aloysius Catholic College staff earlier this year. Simon has a large passion for Fly fishing, fly tying and painting.


Angie began her career teaching at Elizabeth College and Guilford Young College. She has taught a range of courses at 11/12 level, including Religion and Philosophy, Geography 3, Modern History 3, English Applied, and Introduction to Psychology and Sociology. She enjoys working with senior secondary students, particularly as they are able to choose subjects that they are passionate about, and will assist them in their career pathway.

In preparation for 11/12 at St Aloysius Catholic College, Angie has enjoyed planning and preparing the course material for English 3 and Modern History 3. 

Angie is the current Faculty Leader for English at St Aloysius, and has previously held the position of Faculty Leader for Humanities. 

Angie enjoys watching history documentaries, particularly about WWII and Russian history.


Samantha Pinkerton joined the St Aloysius Catholic College team this year, having taught Maths and Science at Guilford Young College for twelve years prior to this. During that time, she has taught TASC maths courses ranging from Workplace Maths 2 to Maths Specialised 4. For eight of these years, she has also taught Physical Sciences 3.

She has extensive experience delivering and assessing TASC courses, and has also acted as a subject moderator of Mathematics Methods 4 (2011 to 2017), Mathematics Specialised 4 (2019, 2020) and Physical Sciences 3 (2021). 

Samantha has also been employed as Chief Marking Examiner at Tasmanian Assessment, Standard and Certification, from 2016 onwards, managing a team of markers to complete marking of external exams for General Mathematics 3 and Maths Methods 3. She has also previously worked at both The Friends’ School and Methodist Ladies’ College in Claremont, Western Australia.

Samantha has previously been a Tutor teacher for Year 11 and 12 students, assisting in pastoral care, study techniques and career planning. She has a wonderful rapport with her students, and will be a great asset to the Senior teaching team for our Year 11 students in 2023. 


Ben Hibbert is an experienced Maths and Science teacher, with a background in both the military, and the Scientific field. Ben is an excellent teacher, and is fantastic at meeting students 'where they are', regardless of level, to achieve great outcomes.
Ben is passionate about expanding students' horizons and is looking forward to teaching at a Senior Secondary level.