Visual Arts


Year 9/10 Art elective students welcomed Aboriginal artist and parent of the school Michelle Synott and Leonie Honeychurch from the South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation for a 3 day workshop where they learnt about the beautiful art of kelp craft, rock painting and various other Aboriginal art techniques.



Home and Place

In this unit, students explored the concept of 'Home' and 'Place' in Art. They looked at the different ways artists have captured the sense of home and considered what home meant to them personally. Students looked at inspirations from Marc Chagall, drawing a 3-dimensional house in soft pastel and sketching a room in One Point Perspective (birds eye view) in pencil.

Street Art

Street art is created as an artistic way to communicate ideas and concepts to a wide audience. Stencils are pre cut in the studio, the artist takes the stencil and a spray can create the art work. Notable examples are ELK, HA HA and Banksy. Students were asked to produce a stencil in this style and spray painted their work onto canvas.

The Face

This task required the students to create a realistic graphite sketch of their own face using a range of pencils and drawing techniques to capture tone. Working from photos taken in class they used the grid method to accurately scale their work, using shading techniques to capture form and detail
They also created a Portrait Collage using printed images.


Abstraction Painting

Abstract art is modern art which does not represent images of our everyday world. It has colour, lines and shapes (form), but they are not intended to represent objects or living things. Often the artists were influenced by ideas and philosophies of abstraction.

In this students learnt different techniques of how to create abstract art work.

Abstraction Drawing

Students chose an object/subject of their own choice and had to show 3 separate drawings demonstrating the simplification of the form into an abstract artwork.


Birds and Flora

In this unit students were introduced to the basic skills and knowledge of lino carving and printing and artists working within this theme and medium.

Key artists that we explored were: Rachel Newling, Cally Conway and Barbara Hanrahan.


In this unit, students developed an understanding of Charcoal and its potential. Through the study of still life compositions, students will work towards creating a major work using subtractive charcoal drawing.

Students will also explore charcoal's potential by drawing inspiration from artists such as Heather Hansen. 


Examples of extension work by students throughout the year.

Mixed Media Drawings


GRADE 9 & 10


Students researched endangered animals and explored artists such as Andy Warhol who have famously represented them in their work. They chose animals they would like to represent and captured them in detailed drawings using soft pastels. They then used posca pens to create detailed backgrounds that represent the animal’s tracks and markings.

Identity portraits

Paintings capturing the student’s identities in the style of Frida Kahlo with symbolic imagery to represent their personalities filling the backgrounds.

Muted object painting

Students explored man-made objects and the artwork of Georgio Morandi. Morandi experiments with various muted tones so the students created their own muted tones paintings of various forms.

Natural Form studies

Drawings of natural objects and forms inspired by natural patterns and artwork by Peter Randall-Page, using different mark-making techniques.