Photography and Digital Media



Students explored various design techniques in ipiccy and use these to re-design and create famous book covers


Students explored various design techniques in ipiccy and use these to re-design and create famous book covers

still life

Students were introduced to the art of Still life Photography. They explored the work of famous photographers such as Mandy Mohler and André Kertesz and develop an understanding of the differences between contemporary still life photography and traditional still life photography. 

Students put their skills to the test and captured Still Life photographs.

stop motion animation

In this unit students learnt about the process of creating stop motion animations. They explored various animation techniques and explored some famous animators. Students then created their own animations using the techniques they have learnt in class.

tone portraits

In this unit students were introduced to portraiture photography. They explored composition, camera angles, studio lighting, shutter speed and modes of capturing a self portrait.

urban architecture

Urban/architecture photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of towns or cities, and of buildings and city landscapes in particular.

Architecture photography is all about buildings, monuments, interiors and exteriors. Either the images are for the purpose of art, or to document the aesthetic of a structure. 

Grade 7 students learnt about Abstract Architecture and had the opportunity to visit Hobart and photograph the architecture in our city. 


how to short films

Students experimented with camera movements and angles and created short films on ‘how-to’ do something! They practiced various editing techniques to consolidate their films.


Students explored the ground-breaking motion picture work of Eadweard Muybridge and created their own ‘flipbooks’ that captured motion in a sequence using his techniques. They turned their work to black and white to give it a ‘timeless appearance’.

Narrative sequence

Students explored the concepts of narratives and storytelling and created photographic sequences that aimed to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Surreal digital collage

Students explored the concept of Surrealism and examined their own dreams and how to use them as inspiration for creating artworks. They designed surreal digital collages using various imagery they’d both taken themselves and sourced online.

your house

Students explored the colourful work of painter Howard Arkley and his representation of suburbia. They turned everyday photos of their own houses into bright, digital illustrations.

GRADE 9 & 10

Abstract macro

Students experimented with the school’s macro lenses and a range of different materials and everyday objects to create abstract photographs

digital joiner

Students explored the style and processes of David Hockney. They created ‘joiners’ by combining and assembling photographs that captured multiple viewpoints of a subject.

light and reflections

Students explored the photographic work of Suzanne Saroff and experimented with light, colour and reflections using a range of objects positioned behind glasses of water.

light and shadows

Students experimented with the element of tone and how to capture it using lighting and editing techniques. They worked with a range of still life objects and were inspired by the famous photographic work of Man Ray.

Short films

Students learned about creating exciting short films using some of the techniques of great filmmakers. They explored camera movements and mise-en-scène and learned how to incorporate these in an effective way into their film making. They story boarded their ideas and practised editing techniques to capture footage.