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Homunculus Theatre Co. specialises in theatre for young people, with 15 years experience delighting and inspiring audiences across Australia and overseas. We specialise in Commedia dell'Arte, theatrical clown and mask, tailored workshops, artist in residencies and community projects. Our vision is to share the human beauty, humour and power of these theatrical styles with everyone, but especially young people.

Vital Learning Homunculus believes the Arts should be central to a child’s education. Drama particularly has a vital place in the lives of young people in the 21st Century. In an age when people are increasingly interacting and indeed living via technology, it is the subject and practice of comedy that offers what otherwise can so easily be lost from our lives.
We expanding students’ opportunities to play, express, be physical, relate and discover in real time and space. Our approach is underpinned by the assumption that everyone has something to offer and that comedy is a unique and powerful engager, that has the capacity to inspire students who might otherwise hang back.

Review: In February of this year 2020, St. Aloysius students from Grade 5-10 experienced the magic of this wonderful theatre company. They were delighted with their mesmerizing masks and absorbing characters. The style of theatre showed students that one does not need a stage full of props to transform a space but only the magic of sensational characterisation to engage their emotions.

Grade 7





The Spotted Man

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual Drama Production was scaled down to be presented to students and staff at the College only.  Here are some images of our wonderful actors in this production.