St Aloysius Community Group (SACG)

The St Aloysius  Community Group formed as a less formal version of the Parents and Friends. This occurred to encourage more parents to be involved and not feel too committed. This year we have a new team working to build the profile and productivity of the group and build community in our school. In a digital age it is easy to lose personal connection. The new logo represents our values. Belonging. Fundraising. Friendship. Fun.
We hope to work together to bring a variety of events, activities and opportunities to our school.
We hope to fundraise to build the opportunity for future events that build community and support the school in things outside regular budget and grants. We hope to build opportunity to build your school networks. We aim to have fun working together. You are always welcome.

Some of the events they organise and are involved in include:

Term 1

Welcome morning teas

Welcome BBQ for new families

Easter raffle

Term 2

Mothers Day Mass morning tea

Mothers Day Stall

Entertainment books

Sausage sizzles/pizza day

Term 3

Mid year function ie. Quiz nights

Fathers Day Stall

Term 4

Assistance at the College/Parish Fair

Some recent examples of items funded by the Community Group include funding to help establish the Birth to Five ‘Explorers’ program and the tennis court upgrade at the Kingston Campus.

Welcome Morning Teas on Day One, Welcome BBQ for new families and staff, Sausage Sizzles for students, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day Stalls, Mothers’ Day morning tea and Fathers’ Day Breakfast, Quiz Nights etc. and they also assist with the College and Parish Fair.

The Community Group are keen to have as many people involved as possible and are always open to new ideas and suggestions to build and support our community.  Parents are welcome to email the Community Group if they are available to assist with any functions 

For information on upcoming events refer to the College newsletter or follow the College Facebook page