Elective Subjects

At St Aloysius Catholic College, elective courses are offered from Grades 3 to 10 which aim to engage students in learning that extend their personal interests and skills. In later years these subjects also provide learning pathways that link to future careers and post Grade 10 education.

Electives are a range of courses that students select to extend their learning beyond their core subjects. The College offers courses in the Arts, Technology, Physical Education, and academic extension courses that aim to engage and motivate students, providing learning opportunities that develop skills or knowledge that are of particular interest for each individual student. Starting our elective program at Grade Three also gives students a chance to take responsibility for their own learning, as they can now choose their own courses and make decisions about their own learning.

Course content, time allocation, and the number of courses on offer differ from Grades 3 to 10 and have been developed to suit the age and learning needs of each cohort of students.