Years 11 and 12

The extension of St Aloysius Catholic College into Years 11 and 12 provides an exciting opportunity for our College community; to continue the education of our current students, and to welcome new students and their families into the College.

We are proud to offer our families and students the option to stay locally within a quality teaching program, extending through Years 11 and 12. It is the quality and senior secondary experience of our teaching staff that will ensure the success of our students in 2023, and beyond.

The Course Selection Handbook for Years 11 and 12, 2023 is available below. 

Years 11 and 12

We combine the care of a close knit community, with the extensive range of opportunities of a large college; supported also by an even larger co-operative of Catholic colleges. These include broad academic, vocational, sporting, spiritual, artistic and outreach opportunities; all of which contribute to shaping well-rounded young adults.

As a College known for our strong Catholic values and identity, our mission is to empower students to become positive contributors to our local community, and further afield. Our in-depth knowledge of our current students, and our holistic approach to supporting our young people, ensures that we support every student’s academic, personal, pastoral and spiritual needs. 

For more information about enrolling in Year 11 with St Aloysius for 2023, please contact [email protected]